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DJ QBert Clears The Air

By Eric K. Arnold/ exclusive - June 10, 2020

Legendary turntablist and scratchmaster DJ QBert recently faced an intense online backlash for a series of Tweets which left many of his fans upset and/or disappointed, and others ready to cancel the two-time DMC World Champion. The offensive Tweets in question included a curt response to a suggestion that he support Black Lives Matter: “#allfuckinglivesmatterbitch!” ; a post suggesting George Floyd was a crisis actor, and another which appeared to praise Donald Trump’s acumen in debates -- which also criticized George Soros, Joe Biden and Barack Obama. In another post, he says the media made Trump “look like a racist.” In another Tweet, he appeared to blame the COVID-19 crisis on exposure to 5G radiation, while maintaining a conspiracy theory that “the evil agenda is world depopulation.”


Taken together, these comments led to widespread online speculation that QBert had become a Qanon follower and ugly allegations of anti-blackness and racism. Some of the Tweets were deleted, followed by subsequent attempts at damage control and clarifying his views. QBert raised eyebrows when he disavowed any knowledge of a counter-BLM movement, or that the phrase “all lives matter” has become controversial -- to some it’s coded language for anti-blackness and a deflection/denial of the oppression black people face on a daily basis in America and throughout the world. 


When pressed on his position on Floyd, however, QBert apologized, saying “no one should die like that.” In another post, when asked if he supports Trump’s political views, he responded, “don’t get it twisted. I don’t trust any of these politicians. I like some of what (Trump) does and other things I disagree with.”  


On June 3, QBert posted a lengthy screed on Facebook which appeared to elaborate on his idealistic worldview: “we see a beautiful future coming very soon where black people will be treated equally with all races.” He went on to add, “the fact of the matter is, the murder of George Floyd is unacceptable. Blue on black crime must be stopped.” The post was accompanied by a portrait of Floyd. 

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